Our Mission

Providing good products at reasonable prices
We provide reasonably priced products by using over 50 years of international trade experience to thoroughly reduce costs.
Close Cooperation of “Manufacturing” and “Sales”
We pay attention to the latest domestic and overseas trends, and incorporate customers’ real opinions in our product development.
Always Take on New Challenges and Continue Evolving
We are working on the production of new construction diagrams (3-D CG perspective drawing/animation).

Our Business and Products

Import, Sales and Construction of Building Tiles and Stones

Import, Sales and Construction of Building Tiles and Stones
These products are directly imported from overseas and are in stock. We also provide flexible service for custom-made products. Our production sites are located in Fukuoka and the nearby area.

Import and Sales of Tombstones

Import and Sales of Tombstones
We offer tombstones starting from the artwork stage, and stay up to date with the latest trends and price information of raw stones.

Production of Working Drawings

Production of Working Drawings
As an outsourcing contractor for architect offices, we produce 3-D CG perspective drawing/animation and working drawings with “high quality”, “short lead time”, and at “low prices”.

Import Operation Agency Service for Other Products

Import Operation Agency Service for Other Products
We conduct an agency service for opening letters of credit and customs clearance, and support the import operations for customers who have specific products and suppliers.

Benefits of Working with Us

Optimization of Products
Since we work directly with many domestic and overseas factories, we can research and suggest the ideal products with the kind of quick mobility that major trading companies cannot provide.
Responsible Sales Team Structure
We not only sell products, but are also responsible for providing suggestions for products/design, construction, and customer aftercare.
Problem-Solving Skills
We strive to resolve the problems that occur with products, transportation and construction based on our accumulated experience and the latest information.