Our Mission

Good products at competitive prices
Inoue Trading strives to deliver good quality products at competitive prices to our customers.

Our Business

  • Production control operations for general apparel products, proposals for new materials, etc.
  • Import and export operations (China, Southeast Asia, Senegal)
  • Letter of credit agency service, import operation agency service


  • Fabric cloth (suits, jackets, coats, shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, etc.)
  • Sweaters
  • Cut and sewn items
  • Bags
  • Shoes
  • Stoles
  • Fabric
  • Fashion goods and apparel-related products
  • Cosmetic oil, shampoo, and other toiletry products

Procedures of OEM production

Quote a price based on a customer-provided specification sheet
Produce a sample for approval after confirming price and lead time

Launch mass production after confirming approval of the sample

Inspection and needle detection at the factory
Prompt delivery of products after import/customs clearance

Benefits of working with us

  • We do business on a domestic basis so that we can help our customers reduce operations as well as expenses for importing, customs clearance, delivery, payment of import duty and consumption tax, and storage of import documents. Furthermore, our import agency service allows customers to improve their cash flow, since advance payment is no longer required.
  • Our buyer’s consolidation service is available at ports in Shanghai in China, Chittagong in Bangladesh, and other ports bound mainly for Hakata, Japan. It enables customers to reduce import costs, which is especially beneficial for small value imports.
  • With the best factory selection for customers’ needs, we can provide well-balanced products in terms of quality and price.
  • We aim to realize new materials and items by making full use of our information networks in China and Southeast Asia. Recently, we have been importing bags and baobab oil from Senegal, Africa.