Sake and Shochu, Business meeting in Saga.

TOP NEWSSake and Shochu, Business meeting in Saga.



17 Mar, 2015. Saga city


Sparkling Sake, Hananoka 701, 702 Gift Box (Alc. 8%)

花の香7フェスタ画像 小


We had meetings with overseas buyers in order to introduce our sake and shochu line, brewed in Kyushu and Yamaguchi. The buyers we met were so familiar with sake, shochu, and fruit liqueurs, and for their deep knowledge, the meetings were so successful. We learnt the market of Japan’s traditional alcohol beverage is growing in China as well as in South East Asia.

What we asked the buyers to taste was sake, shochu, plum wine, and sparkling sake.  Especially, we hoped to hear their feedback on the sparkling sake with lower alcohol percentage than traditional sake. It is really new type of sake, and the tasting comments were nicer than we expected.

Hananoka 702 has clear and fruity flavor. Please see the elegant labels of Hananoka sparkling sake line.