Fukuoka sake. The oldest sake brewery in Fukuoka.

TOP NEWSFukuoka sake. The oldest sake brewery in Fukuoka.



Oga Shuzo Co., Ltd. located Chikushino, Fukuoka is one of the most historic sake, shochu, and Japanese apricot wine brewery in northern part of Kyushu. Representing their overseas sake sales is our great pleasure, and we hope to introduce the new market premium sake lines, such as Tamadeizumi Jyunmai Daigingo sake, and other elegant and tasty rice wine backing on the long history and professional craftsmanship.

Tamadeizumi sake is not brewed by automated machinery, but still brewed by skilled
sake brewers. Oga Shuzo Co., Ltd. was founded in 1673.

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Gold Medal Awarded at Fukuoka sake competition 2014og1