Our Mission

Inoue Trading delivers “safe”, “delicious”, and “sustainable” quality products made in Japan to the world.
The city of Fukuoka is located as “the gateway to Asia”, and has great access to its adjacent countries, which show prominent economic growth. In recent years, we have been exporting in-demand products such as sake, fruit-flavored liqueurs, foods, and other made in Japan products.

Our Business and Products

  • -Export of alcoholic beverages, foods, household products, and others
  • -Production control
  • -Research and proposal of new products
  • -New product’s development support for OEM and private brand products
  • -Export operations (follow-up orders, documents, shipping arrangement, export declaration, and others)
  • -Export agent operations (providing export service for domestic clients/manufacturers)

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We proudly introduce attractive made-in-Japan alcoholic beverages and food products to the world.

Main Alcoholic Beverages

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Benefits of working with us

For Overseas Customers

Over 50 years of international trading business experiences
As we, Inoue Trading, are quite familiar with international trading business owing to over 50 years of business experiences, we provide the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost for customers.
Proposals of Japan’s premium products
Inoue Trading proudly introduces our overseas customers Japan’s premium products with broad range, and also works as a customer’s helpful purchasing-agent of Japan upon request. We research and find products, which importers are looking for instead, and giving strong supports from pricing to shipping.
Helping customer’s “one-stop-shopping”
As one of the manufacturer’s reliable overseas sales agents, Inoue Trading, a Fukuoka-based exporter, can combine your multiple orders into single shipment for convenience and cost saving. Importing only one manufacturer’s products may often result in an issue of insufficient shipment volume, and it may cause unexpectedly high landed cost.